Our Sponsors

The following partners make curling at the University of Toledo possible, and we are gracious for their support. Without their contributions, we would not be able to provide our student members with the high-quality facilities, equipment, and training that they need to succeed at a reasonable cost. These sponsors enable us to provide exciting and unique curling opportunities to our campus community.

enables us 
to play the sport we love

By becoming a club sponsor, you will enable us to fund equipment, ice time, food, travel, and competition costs for members, allowing them to excel in a sport they enjoy playing, no matter their financial means.

Our costs as a curling club

The University of Toledo Curling Club is a great way for students to get involved on campus, but the sport of curling can be expensive for a college club.

ice time and equipment

Access to an ice rink or curling center is crucial to curling, though ice time is very expensive. Brooms, grippers, and sliders are essential to curl and are also costly.

national memberships

In order to compete and represent the University of Toledo locally, regionally, and nationally in curling, a student must be a paid member of two separate national organizations.

competition and travel

Competitions and bonspiels are an additional cost which can be difficult for college students to manage. There are only a couple other university teams in our area, so significant travel and lodging is required.

campus events

Engaging with our community incurs various additional costs. Our website and our marketing materials allow us to reach our target audience. Gaining college student recruits can be as simple as providing a free cookie or piece of pizza!

A worthwhile partnership for local and regional businesses

We seek out mutually beneficial relationships with our partners and provide a variety of benefits in exchange for supporting our club. Promotion opportunities for sponsors include advertising space on club t-shirts and in promotional materials.


Become a partner today. Get connected tomorrow.

Get involved with the University of Toledo student body, promote your business, and support a fun and competitive sport. Contact us for a sponsorship packet today.